Dynamic cabinet

Hi, How can I make dynamic cabinet? I have drawers inside it, and I want to change the width of the cabinet and also change the width of the drawers but keep the position of the drawers (5mm on each side from inner side of the side pannel) and fronts.
here are the pictures. https://imgur.com/a/4nne9
I have a cabinet that is 600mm width (1st picture). When I change the dimension(LenX) of the whole group to 800mm, my cabinet gets the 794 dimension instead of 800 (3rd picture) and my two upper boards get the right width but are not placed properly (also 3rd picture).When I align the parts properly I get the right size cabinet width , but I don’t want to manually align boards every time. How do I glue them together?
On second picture is the formula for width of the two upper boards (total width of the cabinet minus 36mm, (that is two times the thicknesses of the cabinets sides)
And I would also want that the fronts get the right dimensions and position (cabinet width/2 minus 3 milimeters). I know how to get the size, but how do I get the position?


The position is worked from the axis of the next highest level. So best to have the "child’s parent " visible in the attribute dialog to figure its position in relation to its container. There appears to some scale discrepancies, so can you post the model file so can more accurately help you

cabinets.skp (226.9 KB)
here are the cabinets That I want to have as dynamic components. thickness of the boards should stay fixed. is there any youtube video that shows how to do this?

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Make. Is that correct?

currently I’m using pro version that is free for a month, then I’ll be using make version.

I see.

You should have a look at some of the Dynamic Components that are included with sketchup. pry into the way they are made. You’ll see how child components get moved instead of scaled. In the case of your cabinets, you can change the width by changing the position of the right side of the cabinet. Change the drawer box widths by moving the right sides. Scale the drawer fronts, bottoms, and backs to make them wider.

Is this for your own kitchen? If so, you might find it faster to just make the cabinets without them being dynamic. I’m not trying to talk you out of learning to make dynamic components but if you’ll be using Make after the trial period expires, you won’t be able to make more DCs, anyway.

And its worth noting that the 2018 version doesn’t revert to Make. You’ll need to move back to 2017 for make to work.

@ box
what happens after that 1 month when pro trial expires?

I want to have a component options where I can enter desired width.
It doesn’t matter if I won’t be able to make more DC’s. I want to make them now, a few of them and then just change the width. I build kitchens and this would speed up a process of drawing a lot.

It stops working unless you add a license.

ok, then I’ll switch to make. I’m using pro now, just so I can make those dynamic cabinets.

If you are building kitchens then you need to buy Pro.

why? I don’t need any pro features. and I’m not building them for work, it’s my hobby. I make about 6-7 kitchens a year.

Do you get paid in any form for your kitchens?
If so it is commercial and make is only for Non Commercial purposes.

Flat out. You’re using sketchUp for a business. You need to be using Pro. You are violating the EULA by using SketchUp Make in your business.

like I said, it’s not my business, it’s a hobby.

So you make 6-7 kitchens a year for free?

yes, when I have time, for my friends and family. I’m not a carpenter, i’m IT guy. it’s not proffesional work. that’s why I need 2-3 cabinets, not 20-30.

You know 6 or 7 kitchens a year is easily more than 100 grand turnover. Many small businesses would be very happy to design, build and fit a kitchen every two months.

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What? 100 grand? I’m from Croatia, average monthly salary is 900 $. and that is very good salary, minimal salary is 500$. you think that you can make 100 grand on 6-7 kitchens if you charge them? I make small kitchens, max 7-8 elements, I don’t have the tools, time or the knowledge for big projects. If I could make good money from this I would be all in, and not like this, when I have time. and I would buy sketchup pro without a problem. Wow, 100 grand for 6 kitchens, i have to move to USA and start working in carpentry.
I know some carpenters here, if they earn 500$ for a project, that is great, at least here.

I’m not American but here is a random web page giving you some idea of the cost of kitchens.
This might explain why we questioned your 'Hobby’