Dynamic Components - multiple cabinets

I made a dynamic component cabinet, and then I imported that cabinet into my kitchen model. I copied it and made it a unique component. Then I wanted to make further changes outside what was specified in the dynamic component. I found that even though I made each cabinet a unique component, when I tried to modify one part inside it, all the other cabinets received that change. As if all the individual components were still components of each other. Specifically, I tried shortening one of the top rails, and all the top rails on all my cabinets changed.

Is this just the nature of dynamic components? It seems like it is, but it would be nice if there was something that allowed me to parametrically (quickly) adjust cabinet dimensions, but then also make minor tweaks if I want. Thanks in advance!

Hohns Kitchen 4_22.skp (5.3 MB)

Making the parent component unique doesn’t make the child components inside unique. To do what you want you would need to make the parent component unique and then make the components inside unique. Or at least make the ones you want to change unique. If you ultimately want a cutlist out of the model it would be best to leave those components that you aren’t going to modify alone.

You’d have to make the internal components unique too, as otherwise they are still just identical copies.

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What is your cutlist process? We’ve been importing the sketchup model into VCarve which does a decent job of laying out all the parts, except it often mirrors parts which is annoying.

I just generate a cutlist directly from the SketchUp model. The vast majority of the furniture pieces I model are made out of real wood and a layout of the parts isn’t very useful. I’m just after a table of the parts, quantities, and dimensions.

That could happen if you’ve mirrored components as you might to make a right side that matches a left. If that’s what you are running into you should probably make the left and right sides unique from each other and set the component origins so they are aligned the same way.

I use this plugin Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

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Thanks! This looks like what I was hoping for. I had to try different things to see what did what I want, because I was confused by the naming system. I select “only parent level” and from the drop down selected the highest number (4), and then every individual part was its own part (when I changed it, the rest of the model stayed the same). This is perfect.