Dynamic_Componets.... Work appart, but not when added with other

Hi to all,

I want to create soms dynamic cabinets.

They work when I use them alone. But when I ad another component next to it the act weird… They start ‘scaling’…
When I look at the code in de mainfile, it is ok. But when I import 2 components in 1 file. One of the components is taking over de code of the other component…

OK_DD_VS.skp (5.1 MB) OK_ED.skp (5.1 MB)

You have probably dynamic subcomponents inside both of your components, and they refer to the same definitions and are not unique. I had something like this, and for me the solution was to use groups instead of components inside my DCs.

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Have seen the same type of behavior

If you reuse components and sub components or groups, if the formula is basically the same then you can replace the parent name with the generic parent! so they work with various parent containers. However if you change the formula then you must do so after copying and making the sub component(s) unique. It is better to work within a collective work file when doing so to assure that the DC is unique.
I suggest you use one group for your blum hinge and use internal copies for that.
Are you intending to use the report writer or an extension like cut list for your quantities?