Cant get Dynamic Component working

Im trying to implement dynamic pricing according to this SU link: Implement dynamic pricing | SketchUp Help
I do not get it working. Keep getting errors in Behaviors like: #=material not in model… over and over again. Although doing exactly as told on link.
Please help. I have SU Pro 2022.

It would help to see the model you are working on if you can upload it. I would guess the message is accurate and the material is indeed not in the model. If you open the materials browser and click on home or materials in model you should see the material swatches available, if it’s not there you will need to import it by painting something with it. You can check that the name is accurate by hovering over the material swatch.

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this will help : Embedding Textures in DCs | 3D Warehouse (

one of my examples

Masonry Wall | 3D Warehouse (

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