Any idea why the material isn't changing

Hi All
I’m puzzle why the material behavior in this chair model is not effect the colour.
I’ve followed the steps that have worked in the past for me, such having a swatch component with the colours/textures in.
I’ve made sure a materials are listed in the “colours in model” and the behavior reference the user selection correctly in the components attributes window too.

Any clues please?

ABBEY (2.9 MB)

The black leather texture is applied to the faces within the component and you are applying the white leather to the component container. The face material will always override the component material unless the face material is the default.

It works as you’d expect if the faces of the seat component are painted with the default material.

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Sorry Dave,

I thought I’d responded with thanks.
Thanks for your help, it worked a treat

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Dave, the correct and right way of applying textures in SketchUp is to go deep all the way through the grouped objects until we reach the faces of the model, and apply the textures only to the faces and never to groups/components, is that correct?

It’s not the only way but it’s the only way I do it. Applying the materials to the wrappers can create issues. You don’t get the option to rotate or otherwise modify the material from the Context menu (this is important especially if the material has a direction such as wood grain textures. There are other problems created by painting the wrapper. On the other hand, if you wanted to do something like showing the same car component in different colors, you could paint the component wrapper instead of the faces. Any faces that are painted with the default color will allow the wrapper color to show. So things like the glass windows and chrome grille and red tail light lenses would get their faces painted but the body panels would be left in their default material color. After that you can paint the component wrapper for each instance a different color.

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