Problems applying colour and texture


Hi all,

I am a super beginner so apologies for the probably dim question!

I am having problems applying colour or texture to the floor and some elements of my model. I can only seem to apply it to interior and exterior walls only. When I try on the floor or furniture items nothing happens.

Am I missing something obvious? I’ve googled and watched a ton or tutorials and none seem to address this.



There are two common reasons why you might not be able to apply materials to entities in your model. One is that there’s no face to paint which might be the case with the floor. In the case of the furniture, if it’s components you’ve gotten from the warehouse and the faces have already been painted, painting the component wrapper will have no effect. Materials on faces override materials on component and group wrappers.

Of course without seeing your SKP file, it would be difficult to give a definitive answer. Perhaps you could share your model?


Yes! It turns out I had no face on the floor. Thank you so much!

Re the furniture yes I have imported then - I had thought you could apply colour to objects as well but no worries if you can’t.

Thanks again DaveR :slight_smile:


You CAN always enter the component for your furniture to paint it (double click on the group). Dave is just saying that you cannot use the paint bucket tool on the whole thing.


Julia, I’m glad you got it sorted out.

At least to paint over materials already existing inside the component wrapper. :wink: If there were no materials, you could paint the component and have it show but it sounds as if your furniture already has materials applied so you would need to open the component to get at the faces that are painted and repaint them. It’s kind of like trying to paint the walls in your bedroom by standing out in the street and throwing a bucket of paint at your house. :smiley:

Hello this may offer some more help // extra example of the issue. Plus it offers a few a few more sources to learn a bit more about the Paint feature. There is a ton of options available with this tool besides dropping colors on things. As with all the tools, they have depth and can be manipulated. Beyond what you can conceive. Enjoy and …Peace…


If you want to change the colour of an existing component that you have dropped in, then simply sample the area you want to change, then use the /edit\ tab on the fill dialogue to change almost everything about it.


SketchUp Skill Builder: Applying Materials to Components