Component Texture Trouble


Been searching all over for a solution but do not seem to find any.

Designing kitchen cupboards for garage. Doors made as component, top made as component, and face behind doors are also a unique component.

When i select the counter top for insistence i can see its a unique component.
Try and change the texture of it then it changes 3 of the 10 doors to the same texture even though ive selected those doors as a unique component.

Outliner shows them all as separate groups?/Components?

Sorry im pretty much brand new to Sketchup


It would be much easier to help you if you share your SketchUp model file.

Are you applying the texture to component or group containers or opening the components/groups to apply the materials to the faces? You should be doing the latter.

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Outliner only tells a portion of what you need to know.
Entity Info is what you need to sort out what’s been painted with what.

Best Practice … Paint the Faces, not the Group or Component.
You’ll find the opening topic of this 3D Basecamp 2018 session quite helpful.

10 Things I Hate About Your SketchUp Model – Mike Tadros | 3D Basecamp 2018

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Thank you very much for the replies guys.
Will have a look at it tonight.

Garage1.skp (7.0 MB)

So it’s as I guessed:

Although you’ve also added textures to the faces themselves. The face materials will override the materials applied to the group or component container. So if you want to change the material, you need to get in an paint the faces.

Enitiy Info is useful here. With the counter top component selected there’s one material shown.

With the component open for editing that the top face selected, there’s a different texture applied.

Save with the doors.

The floor because the faces are reversed shows you’ve applied that texture to the back face.

Get in the habit of painting faces, not component/group containers. This gives you better control over the appearance of the materials (you can change the orientation, for example) and it helps you create a cleaner, more consistent model.

By the way, it’s kind of odd that you have 10 cabinet doors that are all the same size and each one is a different component. I’d make them copies (instances) of the same component.

I’ve removed the component/group materials, replaced the doors with a single component and purged unused stuff from the model.
Garage1.skp (5.5 MB)

While I think the subject of your wallpaper choice is lovely, I’m not so sure I’d want my garage papered that way. :smiley:

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Thank you very much.

Trying to design garage before i spend money and winging it.
Appreciate the help you guys provided.

New to it so will learn as i go :laughing: :laughing:

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You might want to at least go through the Fundamentals before you go too much farther with your model.