Bug Report: Dynamic Components don't honor ScaleTool restrictions in subcomponents!

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At least two people have now tried to use the ScaleTool attribute of Dynamic Components in order to simplify things like allowing a user to scale the width and height of a picture frame component without distorting stock used for the frame. It seemed to me that it should be simple by restraining the possible scaling using the ScaleTool (see: this). Alas, this is not the case!

Here’s a couple of GIFs. This one shows a single component (Inner) with scale restrictions contained within another component (Outer). As you can see, it seems to be working as I expected:

Now edit the outer component and add a 2nd instance of the inner component (note that the part where you can’t see what I did in the context menu - I did an explicit redraw of the outer component):

I searched the Knowledge Base to see if anything there documented that this behavior is expected and found nothing. Thus I report this as a bug!

I call this buggy behaviour: Parent Components don’t honor scaling restrictions in Child Components - unless there is only one child!

Scale tool restrictions only affect what handles are shown in the scale tool for a specific component when it alone is scaled. They don’t prevent the component from being scaled freely. All it takes for that is to select one single other entity, e.g. an edge, along with the component.

As most things with dynamic components it’s a quite odd and inconsistent behavior.

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