Need help with a DC pullout shelf

I’m trying to make a shelf that I can adjust the size as needed, but I need some help.
I constrained the depth and thickness of the parts so they would not resize when scaled but the corners and drawer slides keep messing up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The pictures below show my problem.

Sketchup Pro 2018
Dynamic Components v 1.5.0
Win 7 64
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460

I see your problem. Gimme a few minutes…

So I modified the shelf and restricted its scale to the red green plane, front and back directions. I modified all of the sub components and added position attributes based on the size of the parent “Shelf” component. I broke the front and back panels into three sections, the tabs at each end are now groups with their size and position governed by the length of the parent component. So as you scale the component resizes and relocates its sub parts to retain the proper shape once stretched. I also changed the axes of several components, think about orienting them to make your math simpler, you can always change them with the axes tool. Hope it helps!

See next post for file.

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Noticed a glitch in that last file, this one is fixed.

Shelf MOD.skp (166.3 KB)

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It helps a lot and I learned a few things.

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Is there a good beginner tutorial that explains the parent/child attributes and how to apply them so they scale together? I keep having the same problems with gaps when resizing objects. I found one on YouTube but it doesn’t really tell me anything it just goes through the motions.

Check this thread:

I really like this guy.

And This guy has taught me a lot as well.