Sketchup's Official Dynamic Window Components Broken

So, this applies to Pro, Make, and Schools as far as I can tell. We have all three in my classroom.

Sketchup has it’s own built-in dynamic window component, that until recently has been superior to all others (

  • It scales beautifully.
  • It offers multiple interior and exterior options.
  • It has Grille and Screen options for color and visibility.

You can see it in action here:

Now, It does not work.

  • It no longer scales on the z axis.
  • It sticks to your mouse in an odd way.
  • It has a bounding box about 20x it’s depth on the Y axis.

My students have used this as their go-to for years, and when one searches window components, it’s the wild west out there. Folks can upload just any ■■■■ to 3d warehouse.

So my questions are:

  1. Does anyone know how to fix the sketchup components so they work again?
  2. Can anyone recommend a good scalable dynamic alternative window for my students to use?

What version of sketchup are your students using?
Please note that dynamic components essentially is an Extension. This will thus not work in sketchup in the browser.

There are problems with these “SketchUp Official” components.
It has been reported recently in another topic thread. (They were supposedly fixed.)

I just tested the double hung and yes it is not correctly saved.

  • The insertion point is up at the top of the window but offset in front by ~65".
  • There is an edge also hovering out in front of the window at the insertion point.
  • It was not drawn lying flat upon the XY cutting plane.

The models in 3DW are supposed to be updated, by when I search 3DW from the Component Manager the “bugged” versions is what we get.

Okay, I made sure to open the 3DW Window, search for author “SketchUp Official”, DC (on) and downloaded the “Scalable Double Hung Window”. It is still not correct. Someone messed up these components quite good. They should be set to glue to vertical and should be laying down on the XY plane when attached to the cursor. They shouldn’t flip up into the vertical until near a face.

We’re using Pro 2019.

and before that Make 2017

Really, if we could find a good alternative, we would stop using the currently-buggy-as-all-get-out official components…

Maybe an extra credit project for one or more of your advanced students would be to fix up those window components and create a special collection for the class to use.

I know they should just be fixed but this could be used as a learning opportunity.

Yeah, all the official components still seem very bugged to me.

That’s a great idea, but fixing them is beyond me at this point and I don’t have any 7th graders chomping at the bit to figure it out. I’m not sure what direction to even point them in because I have never made a dynamic component… or any component for that matter…

The Marvin official DC Windows are quite good. (Author: MARVIN)

Type “Marvin window” into the 3DW Window search box, then expand the “Advanced” filter group, enter “MARVIN” into the Author field, and press ENTER.


… AND once you insert one of those “buggered” official DC windows, the Component Options dialog will no longer work. Even if a good DC is selected.

To get things working again, all the “buggered” DCs need to be erased, the “In Model” collection needs to be purged, and the model saved, and SketchUp restarted, and the model reloaded.

Good call. Thanks. I assume the process is Window>Model Info>Statistics>Purge Unused… after deleting them all of course?

Going to try the MARVIN windows for sure.


Yes you can do it this way. (This’ll may also purge any materials or layers that might have come in with the unwanted components.)

I meant only purging the components though. Via the “Details” menu in the Component Manager panel when the “In Model” collection is displayed.


And … :drum: (drumroll) … they also make doors.