Make Sketchup Models (incl. dynamic & live components) Configurable Online

Have you ever wanted to make your SketchUp models configurable online? On the web. Perhaps on your website…

For your audience. Whoever they may be.

So they can customize your 3D models; including all their options, sizes, colours, styles etc; in a simple, easy-to-use web page/app.

We’ve built software that allows you to do just that, and we’re looking for feedback (and even potential collaborators):

We’ve developed the application, with our earlier adopters….

But we’d also really value the thoughts of the SketchUp community, especially since Sketchup’s introduction of Live components, which is quite a fundamental change to SketchUp components

The next logical step for our software would be to support them (LCs) (Until then, we’ll keep supporting Dynamic components)

Herein - in introducing our software - we’re making a feature request: make SketchUp dynamic & live components more extensible across the web.

Many Thanks

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