Make Sketchup Models (incl. dynamic & live components) Configurable Online

Have you ever wanted to make your SketchUp models configurable online? On the web. Perhaps on your website…

For your audience. Whoever they may be.

So they can customize your 3D models; including all their options, sizes, colours, styles etc; in a simple, easy-to-use web page/app.

We’ve built software that allows you to do just that, and we’re looking for feedback (and even potential collaborators):

We’ve developed the application, with our earlier adopters….

But we’d also really value the thoughts of the SketchUp community, especially since Sketchup’s introduction of Live components, which is quite a fundamental change to SketchUp components

The next logical step for our software would be to support them (LCs) (Until then, we’ll keep supporting Dynamic components)

Herein - in introducing our software - we’re making a feature request: make SketchUp dynamic & live components more extensible across the web.

Many Thanks

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I would be interested in using this on my website. I have been unable to find a suitable option for making a live model that is configurable on the browser. Is there a way to get access to use this?

How would you use it on your website?

I’d like to have a model (for engineering purposes) that would have adjustable length and width , and other characteristics based on input. Do you know of any other options to achieve this?

It’s still not clear to me what you are trying to do. Can you show an example? What kind of object? Who needs to be able to edit it? What do you do with it after it’s been modified?

I haven’t made the model yet, but it would be a steel plate with holes. The user on the page would change inputs for the width, height, thickness, and layout of the holes (rows/columns). The model would serve only as a properly scaled visual. The inputs would be used to perform calculations elsewhere on the webpage.

Seems like the sort of thing you could make a Dynamic Component for and use its output.Of course not the sort of thing for the free web version of SketchUp. Is this a hobby application?

How customizable does the component have to be?

Yes, I am thinking that too. It is a hobby now, not sure of it’s commercial potential yet. I used to have SketchUp Pro 2019 as a student where I made a few models and I enjoyed using it. Never used the Dynamic Component. I may be willing to pay for the required license if I know I will be able to what I am wanting to.
My concern is how to embed the dynamic component along with it’s input fields in the website itself. The original post seemed to demonstrate this so I was curious.
The component would be need to be customizable for the plate width, height, thickness, hole diameter, number of hole rows and number of hole columns. Therefore it would need to have constraints to keep the holes within the plate and not overlapping each other.

SketchUp Pro can be used in trial mode (which has no limitations on software features) for 30 days of real elapsed time. Hopefully that would be sufficient time to explore the possibilities.

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