Configure Live Components in SketchUp Pro 2021 and SketchUp Web

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As of today’s launch, Live Components can now be configured inside SketchUp Pro 2021 (aka the desktop version) as well as inside SketchUp Web.

Looking for Live Components? Follow the steps near the top of this article.



Nice one Bryce .

Got excited and thought the authoring tools were there… How far off you are thinking they might be? And are they going to be a bit more user friendly than building dynamic components? Like a modular type of tool that we can assign to a group or component?

Note that Live components behave differently to Dynamic ones in that changing parameters doesn’t create new component definitions automatically. Unless you make your component unique before editing it, the changes you make will apply to all instances.

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When can we develop our own Live Components as we already do with dynamic and parametric components?

Has anyone else noticed how configuring LCs in Sketchup is very sluggish compared to configuring them in the 3D warehouse?

SketchUp is working really hard doing something…

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Now that you mention it, I tried the same model and also see the lag.

What I think is happening is that the request goes into the cloud, the geometry is modified then redownloaded and replaces the entities in the Live component definition in the model.

Sounds like a grossly inefficient process.

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Yes, but I hope it is only whilst LCs are in development, and much more of the “smarts” is included in the core code later on.


Live components pages are not working

They seem to be working for me for the time being. If you continue to see problems can you file a report here - Live Component Parameter UI Fails to Load


As far as I know, that’s largely due to the fact that we have to push to the undo stack in the SketchUp application, but not in the 3D Warehouse.

FWIW this is something we’ll be looking at improving.

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