Authoring Live Components

Hey all

We’ve mentioned that Live Component authoring might be available some time in 2021. Typically, a launch like this entails smaller private “alpha tests” followed by a larger private “beta test” before a public launch.

If you are interested in testing and authoring Live Components please fill out our Live Components Author’s form. We’ll reach out over the course of 2021 as we release authoring features which might be a good fit for your use case. Thanks for your interest.



any timetable?.. put Dynamic components development on hold anticipating Live components… maybe at best it will be the SU2022 “new feature”…

I wish I had better news but we don’t have an updated timetable yet. Still hoping for testing of authoring to start by the end of this year. It won’t be anything tied to the major release in the fall though.

~B )


Thanks for the update Bryce… maybe the team is all busy on Layout :slight_smile: