New Live Components Update

Hi Team,

There’s been a lot of work going on in the background for a couple of new batches of Live Components, though these will still need a bit of work to make sure they are the best they can be!

In the meantime however, we’ve put together a bit of an experimental batch of Live Components that we’d like to get your thoughts on. In this batch these are a few different styles of gazebo’s which can be found in the link below. Typically with our creation process we’d include multiple different styles together in order to offer the ability to switch between them easily. However this often came at a cost of reduced level of detail in the name of optimization.

In this batch of gazebo Live Components, we’ve focused on two things. The first is splitting up what might be considered a single Live Component into six, based on their different styles. The second is an increased level of detail on each component itself.

All in all though, we’d love to hear any feedback on these and whether you’d like to see more like them (or not!).

Link to the gazebo’s: Gazebo's | 3D Warehouse



The material files are too big, about 200kb of geometry, rest material, how about using the inbuilt file sizes as a guide or use?