My first live component - curved shelving with sofa inside

hello All
here is my first live component, quite complete, there will still be things to work on but for a first component I am already happy
what i like are the random book blocks

and then imported into sketchup


Absolutely awesome! I love the way the shelves auto-adjust to the panel height!

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thank you for your support
For shelves that adjust in height, as there is not much information and documentation on the subject, I did a little research on my own and the node switch number is perfect for giving conditions if ht panel… then max number of shelves, conditioned by the ht constant of the books :grinning:

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Congrats on your first LC. It’s great!


Great model.

Just looking at the logic tree in the parameters panels is a course of how to use the Creator possibilities.


Very good. Congrats!!

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That’s very impressive! Totally with nodes, no imported geometry! Well Done Sir

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hello all
thank you for your encouragements, I am thinking about how to improve and rotate the curves in another direction from x copies, I hope to achieve this by using loops, I am looking for: I need to understand the node loop with iterator to say that from copy 5 for example the curve par in the other direction to achieve again: x copies, I think I’m on the right track to get there, otherwise I’ll call on help :laughing: :innocent: :wink:


Couple of things to think about…

@keith_thurlow can us dabblers post the models to 3D Warehouse? Posting does work, just not sure what stage we’re at. Is labs at sketchup ready for some competition?

@tenrev Think about your descriptions. Being all lower case doesn’t look right.

I wonder whether there should be a style guide for LC models.

Those things aside, you’re infinitely ahead of me!

I edited this to give an example. with sofa or not could be Sofa, with a Yes, No menu.

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yes I agree with you, but is only a point of detail, but actually in the end giving as a choice yes or no is preferable
but I have more difficulty setting up the geometry so the text is only a very small part that will arrive in the final phase of my model :smile: :innocent: :wink:

That sounds good. Looking forward to your final version.

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Publishing live components as “configurable” live components on 3DW is something that we are working with other teams on in the background. We had a custom process for this and need to make it generic. We would like to allow everyone to “publish” live components to 3DW during the open beta. For now, the downloaded .skp will be configurable once it is downloaded, even if it isn’t listed as an LC on 3DW right now.

Great point with regards to the style guide for names and parameters; we have our own (internal) guidelines on parameters, graph layouts and node use. There are a million different ways to make most graphs, but there are definitely some that are more optimal than others (in style/readability/layout of nodes and compute).
Perhaps we can try to pair this down and publish some guidelines…

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The initial downloaded SKP isn’t a live component, but, the SKP imported into another model is configurable.

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Works kind of the same as a DC, the metadata is attached to the file.

Is this a tutoral build? I can see a few of these in the graph search.
If so, how can I find the tut?

I can’t see that one there, which is why I ask :slightly_smiling_face:

It might not be a tutorial, it may just be others having riffed on it

can you confirm ? trigonometric functions return results in radians?
thank you in advance

@Elmtec-Adam @dezmo
here I posted my first live component that I made totally from A to Z it’s a 100% personal idea so it’s not a tutorial, you will just find the graph in the link of the first post
I think the best if you are looking for tutorials is to open a new topic? and make the request?
have a good day

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I changed the texts is it better for you? I updated the graph link in the first post
best regards