Welcome to Trimble Creator!

Use this category for anything relating to Trimble Creator and Live Components, whether it be praise, suggestions or just general questions.

Trimble Creator is a webapp that is used to build the logic that powers a Live Component, and lets you share your Live Components with potentially thousands of people through the SketchUp 3D Warehouse. Trimble Creator allows you to create parametric graphs (nodes and connections), which allow powerful parametric relationships to be built to create/modify geometry rapidly.

A reminder that Trimble Creator is still in Beta, you are a guinea pig and it will be a bit rough… in a totally humane fashion.

Whatever happens, we’re happy to have you here!

Check it out here!



I can’t wait to start creating my live components!
Will there be ruby documentation for creating extensions with live components?

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Hello David

I have been a beta tester since September 1st. trimble creator is great and I’ve already been able to create a few components, I find that even without a lot of documentation it’s intuitive, and I’m really happy to participate in this beta test
However, there is a question that I ask myself? is this forum also intended to share the components created? it seems to me that in the conditions of beta test, it is indicated that one should not share neither the components, nor the information during the beta test? What is it really ? have a good day

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Hello David
I watch with envy my friend Tenrev’s posts about live components. I would also like to join the beta test adventure.
Can you co-opt me into it?
Thanks in advance.
In the meantime, I’m dying of jealousy reading you. :slight_smile:

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Simon has developed plugins to bring new functions to dynamic components, he is very efficient, it would be an asset for the community if he could join the live component beta test


The 3D Warehouse or the Live Components Content forum category would be more appropriate for sharing beta LCs.

Whether you should or not, is an open question. It’s not like Live Components are any secret.

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The starting post in this thread made me think that Thimble Creator has been made public, except that it had no link to it. Started drooling, probably to no avail.



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Good to see so many people are interested in creating Live Components! I have just updated my original post to include the link to Trimble Creator.

Id suggest starting with our educational content to help you learn how to create components. You can find this in the top right hand corner of the app, where the educational panel sits. Check out the intro tutorials first to learn the basics.

Screenshot 2022-09-27 110742

Another reminder that we are still in Beta, but testing is now open to anyone that has the link. There will still be a few bugs and a issues that you will encounter, so please don’t hesitate to give us all the feedback you can so that we can keep making the Trimble Creator experience better for you!


Took the workshop at 3D Basecamp this morning. Looks like there is a TON of potential here. Looking forward to learning more about it!


I certainly worded my question badly, what I mean: if I need help with creating a live component, can I post the link of the graph and the live component? because in the conditions that I accepted on September 1 on trimble creator it was specified that we should not share the models outside trimble creator so my question is very simple, can we share links of the graphs here on this forum , I talk about my creations and my progress on the subject , since trimble creator seems open to everyone , I think so ?

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Absolutely you can. Since we are in open beta as you’ve said, this forum is the perfect place to share your graphs and get feedback/help on them from both the wider SketchUp community and from the SketchUp/Trimble Creator team.

It’s important to note that at this point, all of the graphs you make are completely open to the public. Private assets are on our roadmap, but at this point in time we have no IP protection when it come to Trimble Creator graphs.

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve created!


Hi David

great, thank you for these explanations a little more concrete for me I will soon share what I have already created and I will certainly have a lot of questions to ask afterwards

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Your thing is addictive! :slight_smile:
I can’t enter a correct URL to import a texture!
Are there rules, prerequisites?
Every time I get the error

“Could not find specified asset”


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You can bring textures into Trimble Creator just by drag-dropping a jpg or a png into the graph viewer.

uploading an image

The asset uri you see on the image asset node is not the same as a URL, to get an image into the graph you can use the above method, and the asset uri will be auto-populated.

Hope this helps!


Very easy! Thanks

My wondering is : Extensions with Live components or Live Components vs Extensions.
As of now, there is no clear indication as to where LC are intended. There is no way to make them proprietary since a component can so easily be shared. (and in this case stay configurable)
Developers keep an eye …

update in my thoughs: I guess to be able to configure an LC, one has to be connected to Trimble servers, so there could be an authorization process in there, no?

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Good evening,
Two other questions:
I can’t change the unit of the graph. It always crashes! Is there a trick?

Second point, the “choice” node:
I entered a list of options “1,10,100,1000,10000”
it returns me the index+offset, do we necessarily have to duplicate by a “switch number” to obtain the numerical value although the list of the “choice” is numbers"?

In the meantime, I’m having fun with this new toy! :yum:

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You’re first question is actually a bug on our end. Its been logged with our team and is on the roadmap.

The second question is a bit more complex.

Something to understand in Trimble Creator is that there are 3 main data types; number/float, vectors (three number/floats, seen in X,Y,Z form), and strings.

The choice node wont actually out 1, 10, 100 etc in the way that you want to use them. It’ll output it as either a string, or an index (0,1,2,3,4) based on the order of the choice. You’ll be able see this index if you inspect the choice nodes value output. Something you might need to do here is use the number list and get number list item nodes. I’ve made an example graph for you that you can use to understand how it works.

If you looks at the output of the get number list item node, you’ll see that’s its outputting the correct associated value in the choice node, but in a form where you can use it as an actual number.

Hopefully this helps! If you have any further questions on it, feel free to start a new topic in this forum :slight_smile: