Node Documentation

Hi everyone!

Recently a link to a Node Documentation site was added into Trimble Creator that aims to collate a bunch of information about nodes within Trimble Creator!

Bear in mind that just like Trimble Creator itself, that this is to be considered as in beta / “in-progress”. The site itself will be iterated on and added to.
This includes the URL to the site itself as well (so consider this if you end up bookmarking it!), so as such I won’t post it here directly. Instead, you can find a link to it via the question mark icon (?) next to the node creation menu (seen below).


As this is in progress, we’re also open to suggestions about it. If something doesn’t really make sense to you, you think some sort of information is missing, or you want a particular node to be expanded upon before another (they’ll all be done eventually!) - then please let us know in this thread!



Having the documentation available will be very helpful. One request: Can you add a way to get there after a node gets created? E.g. through right-clicking on an existing node. Of course, that should then open up the page that is relevant to that node.

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Hey Alex, this is definitely something that is on our roadmap - thanks for the feedback!