Live Component Updates and some Christmas fun

Hi all,

In addition to a couple more additions to the featured graphs added within the Trimble Creator Featured tab (found in the Graph browser window), we’ve gone through and updated a bunch of Live Components and made their respective graphs open to view!

Here is a list of the Live Components on the 3D Warehouse where you’ll also find a link to their graphs:

  1. Office Desk Setup
  2. External Single Swing Door
  3. Corner Shower
  4. Double Mulled Window
  5. Facade Louvre
  6. The Gherkin
  7. The Lotus Temple
  8. Toilet
  9. Multi-Unit Window
  10. Residential Interior Door
  11. Single Pane Window
  12. Modular Couch
  13. TV Cabinet
  14. Steel Beam and Column
  15. Commercial Door
  16. Planter Box
  17. Bifold Patio Door
  18. Acoustic Ceiling Panels
  19. Steel Frame Bookshelf
  20. Pergola
  21. Bar Stool
  22. Dining Table w/ Chairs
  23. Dining Chair
  24. Cafe Table w/ Chairs
  25. Cafe Chair
  26. Solar Panel
  27. Outdoor table
  28. Crib
  29. Sabrina Chair
  30. Exterior Sliding Door
  31. Acoustic Wall Panels
  32. Hermann Miller COSM Chair
  33. Bedside Table
  34. Ribbon Feature Light
  35. Bed
  36. Park Bench
  37. Timber Truss
  38. Wood Framed Wall

And for some Christmas spirit we’ve also made a couple themed graphs:

  1. Santa’s Sleigh
  2. Gingerbread House

Have a Happy Holidays and New Year!


Thanks to the entire Trimble Creator team! :clap:
Have a good end of the year celebrations. :tada:

Waiting for your big gift of 2023…
A 95% Live component scene!

I will soon present mine for creating trees.
Test 46 populates the scene. :christmas_tree: