Shaker style cabinet

Hi all - relative newcomer to the SketchUp community and when I discovered live components I got very interested :slight_smile:

My wife and I are about to embark on a renovation project and I’ve modelled our new plans in SketchUp (finding it so much better than other tools I’ve used in the past) but got frustrated with the options available in 3DWarehouse. So I started looking into Live Components.

Here’s my first offering to the community - been quite a learning curve but for a product in beta I’m actually very impressed with where Creator/Live components currently is. Look forward to following how it develops over time and I’m sure this is my new hobby.

I’ve worked on a simple shaker style cabinet, closely resembling what we’re going for in our new kitchen. It’s quite configurable - a cabinet can be pretty much any height, width or depth; can have a plinth and/or side panels that extend to the floor, anything up to 4 doors horizontally or vertically and the handles can be either a knob or a cup - just the 2 choices.

I’m sure there are things I could have done better, but for now it meets my objectives. Might help others learn things like loops, copying, aligning, and hiding geometries.


Well done!!

What a brilliant entry into Live Components and SketchUp!

A minor note, I noticed that when you add the plinth/legs that they are added below the XY plane. If you want to align your cabinet to the XY plane, you could add a single align node to the last node in your graph with the following settings:

Thanks Keith - had a lot of fun putting it together. And that tweak is really helpful… I had found it difficult to get the align to work properly with the presence/absence of the legs, meaning that a plinth without legs was either aligned with the face of the cabinet, or a plinth with legs was displaced towards the rear… hence the collect to gather the components in their current positions. Your tweak gets everything where I wanted them in the first place - much appreciated!

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