More Live Component Modeling

We got another fresh batch of new Live Components releasing to the 3D Warehouse… Let’s use them all in one model! Joins us live!


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Today, we will be using the newest Live Components from SketchUp Labs.

I need YOUR ideas of what sort of model we could incorporate all ten fo these new models into!
Post your ideas for a model here and swing by to watch the stream at noon (MST)!

For some reason, the models are not showing on my browser. Maybe an oops in how they were attached, or maybe discourse acting up again?

Edit: you must have seen that, as your second post links to where they can be viewed.

Yeah… some sort of issue with posting links to LCs… not sure if it is Warehouse or Discourse, but we are looking into it…

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These I can see as soon as I hit this page. I’m still hoping I get to create my own.