Live components

Hi All,

I have just tried the live components for the first time. A fantastic idea but just as buggy as ever.

  1. I can’t change the material - is there a way to do this???
  2. The sizing does not work. To get the sliding door to fit an aperture of 1.81m I need to set it at 1.77m. The height of 2.1m is actually a height of 2.15m.

Basic stuff but very frustrating. What has happened to the testing team or are we it???

Any ideas on the material would be appreciated.

Which door?

I find it difficult just filtering to find live components. I agree that whilst they have much potential, they are quite disappointing in other ways. The doors I have looked at have clearly not been designed with any depth of architectural knowledge, so their usefulness is limited.

I think we probably are.

Yes finding them wasn’t the easiest even with the LIVE COMPONENT filter set.
It’s the sliding door.
I need to be able to customise a lot more settings than just the height and width.
Handles, thickness of frames, MATERIAL, lock or no lock…
The glass isn’t even a transparent material.

I hope that I am missing something fundamental here as in theory they could save a lot of time but only if somebody that builds models has input into their development.

OK, so I assume you are looking at this:

As there are no options shown for materials, I don’t think you can change the default.

Some of the windows and doors I have looked at do have options for that as well as changing ironmongery, but it’s inconsistent. Inconsistency seems to be something of a feature with LCs. I tried to combine several windows that looked as if they were of similar design but their height was measured differently. I had to scale them in the end to get them to fit together.

I just hope the LC development doesn’t go the same way as DCs. Announced to great fanfare and then with no further development, just becoming a footnote in the history of Sketchup.

That’s the one.

Yes I hope so but I think Trimble are more about spending money on new logos than creating functionality that works. It they can half tick a box they seem happy.

The funny thing is that developing something like this probably takes a shed load of time and money. So you’d think you’d want to see a return on investment. Creating something half baked just annoys and disappoints, especially when you think what much more useful things (as far as end users are concerned) that development time and money could be put towards. Also, you’d think they would have learned their lesson with DCs!

But maybe there’s a cunning plan we can’t see…

let’s hope but I doubt it.

I have used this product for a very very long time. It is going backwards. I have started to look at other modelling products I am that frustrated with it.

Well if you find one that looks better at a similar price point, let us all know about it!

will do. I was just going to add a smiley face but that doesn’t work either without 5 characters!!

That’s a forum limitation. Nothing to do with Trimble (apart from their choice of forum platform). :confused: