Live Components - General Issues

Having started looking at LCs for the first time, I notice some peculiarities.

I have already posted separately about the Internal Residential Door. After playing with that, I tried an external door. First thing that was different was that whereas the IR Door is defined by the opening width, the external door is defined by the door width itself. As someone trying to use LCs regularly, I would find that very trying. There needs to be a common rule.

I have also been playing with what the 3DW likes to call a Contemporary Window (and that I would call a Double Hung Sash Window - not really contemporary at all!). I used it to populate a typical situation for me where there are several instances of the same design, each with a different width. The system works fine, except for the fact that each time you make a unique component and want to change something, it takes several seconds to gird its loins. It really needs to work much faster in my view.

And here’s another thing. I notice that as I add LCs to my model, the number of textures in use proliferates, even though many of them look to be identical. The image below is after purging unused.