Live component to sketchup

When I have made a live component how do i get this to sketchup so it works there as a live component?

Now i am working with dynamic components but i would like to replace them with my own live components.

Quand tu es sur le graphe de ton composant live.
Il y a une icône de SketchUp sur la gauche, c’est la plus en bas !
Tu cliques, une nouvelle fenêtre s’ouvre de SketchUp Web et ton composant live apparait en mode de configuration.
Tu peux le paramétrer si tu veux pour avoir une valeur par défaut !
Ensuite en bas Ă  droite, il y a un bouton Download pour enregistrer sur ton disque dur.

So far i get it. But when i have de model in sketchup i can’t cange it and i will need to go back to the creator to set it again and download it again. I would like to have the opertunity in sketchup to change the parameters as you can do with the dynamic components. When I get a live component of the 3d warehouse i can change it with the parameters in sketchup. So i would like to do that with my own live components.

I know how the live components work from the warehouse.

What i want to do is:
make my own door for example. This i can do in trimble creator. Now it’s a live component. I can go to the sketchup preview and when it’s set right with te parameters i can download it.
I can place te download in my sketchup drawing. Now i want to change the parameters. This is not possible in sketchup so i have to go back to the creator and set all the parameters and download it agian. I would like to stay in sketchup and set the parameters there like you can do with the live components from the warehouse. So how do i get my door as live component working as live component in sketchup?

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If you have SketchUp 2021 or newer and an internet connection, you can configure Live Components inside your models.

Scroll more down in my link above

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thanx for explaining. I already know how that works. I wil try to explain beter what i want.

I made for example a door. Within trimble creator i addet parameters so it is a live component. This component i have made thats the one i would like to import in sketchup pro 2022. So to do that i can go to the sketchup icon in trimble creator. Now i can see that it’s a live component and i can set de parameters so the door is the right height. Then i can click download. This download i can import in sketchup pro 2022. It wil apear as a component but not as a live component. So i can’t change it in sketchup pro 2022. If i want to change it i will have to go back to trimble creator and download it again.
So is it possible to get my created live component in trimble creator to work like the basic live components that are already the warehouse?

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Perhaps it’s double-wrapped? What happen if you double click to go in or right click and explode?

Can you post a component you created, downloaded from creator and you think it should be Live component, but it is not?
(Right now, I’m behind a firewall can’t check the creator…)

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thanx thanx thanx,

it was component in component so explode and it works great.


I am experiencing the same issue. While the new LC loads fine into the web app, on the desktop my LC configuration window times out and I can’t customize. Maybe a bug?

EDIT: Apparently my “Auth Token” was invalid (although SketchUp started fine). Signing out and back in solved this for the desktop version.