Web Configurable Dynamic components

Im looking for someone who knows how to make a program that can be implemented into a website which allows the viewing and editing Dynamic Component options.

This has already been done but the creator hasnt been active for a year.

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Live components can (I think) be used in the web versions of SU.

Is that a useful alternative?

They can be viewed but not actually configured.

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What a great idea to manipulate the model like this. Unfortunately I don’t have any help for you at the moment, but I will discuss this possibility with our team. I can think of a lot of applications right now. If we find something, I’ll let you know (but I don’t expect it any time soon).

If you find something, please share it here as well. Thanks for the food for thought.

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Alright, ill keep searching because making a configurator like this would really benefit our company. Ill keep you updated.


Hi @Sketchupguy4 I’m here and I’ll remain attentive to your posts

Thanks for posting the video @Sketchupguy4

For context here is the original post

Ok so I guess you’ve got a tonne of dynamic components that you’d like to use

SketchUp’s live component feature means you’d have to build them all again from scratch and you wouldn’t be able to configure them in a website

There’s shapeDiver, that allows you to make parametric models configurable in a website. however you’d likewise have to make these models from scratch but in grasshopper for rhino