Beta testers wanted for SketchUp to VR plugin

Hey guys,

I’m from Yulio (, a professional 3D to VR platform for architects and interior designers. A lot of our users are SketchUp fans, so we’ve built a free plugin to be able to publish straight from SketchUp to VR. It comes with a custom-built ray-tracer so you can create high quality renderings with or without V-Ray. It’s also the only plugin for SketchUp that lets you create stereoscopic cube maps for viewing in VR.

Here’s a quick comparison to show you what it’s capable of:

It’s super easy to use, so if you’re interested in testing out the beta version and sending us your feedback, you can enter email address here and we’ll get back to you with the beta version and a quick how-to guide.

Don’t worry, we won’t spam you—we are real people (all the way from Toronto, Canada!) looking for real-world feedback on what we’ve built.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here and we’ll respond as soon as we can :slight_smile:

Amelia from Yulio

Hi. Thanks for the opportunity. I have 1 question which I can’t help not to ask as I’ve literally refreshed your page several times to rewatch. It was very impressive! :thumbsup:

The first 5 seconds of this video. Any chance you know what software was used for the animation? It’s got some ambient occlusion, so I doubt it’s directly from SketchUp but the style is very cool.

Hey @VahePaulman, glad you like it–that first part was created in 3Ds Max :slight_smile:

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Hi Yulio :slight_smile:

This sounds like the missing piece. We’re experimenting with the Vive and Rift but putting these ‘helmets’ on is still a bridge to far when you’re discussing a design with a costumer. I’m really looking forward to get the VR experience without setting up Unity or Unreal .

Good luck!

Hey Matthijs,

Thanks! We hope you enjoy it :slight_smile: