Feedback for Web-Based Virtual Reality Viewer

Hi everyone!

I created a very simple web app called Vrban where you can upload models from Sketchup and instantly view them online in virtual reality - you can use the oculus rift or google cardboard with your smartphone (iOS 8.0 or later for iPhone) to view them. You can also just view them normally without VR headsets in your browser – I actually prefer to look at models on my phone!

I would love it if some of you uploaded some models and gave me some feedback about why it sucks or why you like it haha! If you do please email me at My goal is to make it easy to share and communicate 3D ideas, hence the virtual reality.

If you REALLY like it I have some google cardboards lying around if any of you want to look at them in virtual reality. Also, if you’re in the NY area and want to try out the Oculus Rift I can meet you and show you how your models look inside the Oculus…and some cool games :smile:

Anyway, keep up the modeling!

Here are some demos:,, – load times may take up to 45 secs right now – copy and paste those links into your browser to view

Here’s a quick demo video I made: - YouTube

Here are some demos: Full Guide on No-Code/Low-Code App Development For 2022 | AppMaster, Full Guide on No-Code/Low-Code App Development For 2022 | AppMaster
– clickable now lol, also if you want an access code, just post here!

Looks really cool. Unfortunately I have neither Oculus Rift nor the Google Cardboard.
Sidenote: the demo didn’t work on Safari but worked fine on Firefox. Couldn’t get it load past the Loading screen on both iPhone and Android, maybe my internet’s too slow.

If the app (when available) is affordable, I can see this being very popular in interior design projects to allow people to see their interiors. The wow factor is probably worth it.

What are the fine prints on ownership of models on the site? Are all models public or you can only view your own models?

EDIT: Just saw your video and shows private and public video settings, cool.

Awesome, thanks for the feedback. I’m looking to put in a percentage loading screen to show progress on the loading screen so people don’t think the model has crashed. Right now the beta is completely free, so feel free to sign up if you want to try out some of your own models (even if you don’t have a VR headset.)

Privacy settings is definitely something people have been asking me about :wink:

If you want to get your hands on a google cardboard, I bought mine from I also have some that I can send out for cheap if you or anyone you know wants to try it out with their own models.

Thanks again :smile:

It looks cool. Too bad that sensors are not yet widespread in laptops etc.

Are you planning to do also exterior tours? It would be interesting to explore loading data only on demand (by visibility, level of detail).

Another idea is to be creative and tell a story during loading time (don’t let the visitor notice he has to wait). Either by displaying a simplified preview, or 360° panorama background, some animation or showing a popup with additional explanative information.

Thanks, I’ll probably need to upgrade my smart phone to something more powerful or new (mine’s a 2 year old android)

I’ll share this around, I think I know a few people who’ll also find this cool.
Thanks for the site, I’ll keep it handy for when I need to get a google cardboard.

@Aerilius Thats a great idea. I want to start exploring sound and tours also. Fly throughs is another idea I’ve been thinking about. My main goal this week and next is to get as many people uploading models as possible so I can see what some breakpoints are when it comes to Sketchup models (obj files right now).

I’m imagining the tool being used by designers/architects and real estate developers to tell an immersive story about the spaces they’re designing or selling. Putting people in a model, being able to pan around, either on your phone or in a virtual reality device. Adding music and even custom items inside the spaces like furniture or art or personal items.

Also, try loading one of the models on your phone if you have Android or iPhone. Would love to know if it works for you! Thanks again for the help.

@quantj Thanks! :wink: Send me an email if you need any help with VR in the future. I’d be happy to help!


I’m extremely interested in your app and wondering why its down? Did it not take off / get used?

I work for an international A/E firm and I’d love to work with you to get this prototype back up if possible. Let’s try and set something up to talk - I’d love to hear more about Vrban.

Mike Vander Ploeg

Hello, I looked at your demo.
For a school project i’m making a 3d model in sketchUp and want to show it with this VR viewer.
But the only thing I can’t figure out is why my model is only shows grey textures. but no color textures.
Maybe you have any idea why this is?

Thanks in advance.