SketchUp viewer android mobile app

We have below queries about SketchUp viewer android mobile app .

1.Do we have Virtual Reality module in the app, i coudnt find any

2.When can we expect the VR module on viewer

  1. Do you provide VR extension separately for the app or develop for us?
  1. There is no VR in the mobile app, only AR, accessible when you have a subscription license (Pro or Studio)
  2. Due to higher demands of the hardware (memory, graphics) it is unlikely, because
  3. You can have access to the viewers for HTC-Vive,Oculus Rift and the Microsoft devices for VR, or as they call it, Mixed reality.
    These ‘Desktop’ Viewers also require VR-ready graphic cards and high clockspeed CPU.
    Accessible for free when you have a Subscription License.