If I get a Pro license to View AR models, could my costumer view it in their own device and account?

If I get a Pro licence to View AR models, would my costumer can view it in their own device and acount?


They would need to have a Pro license to use the AR/VR feature.

Hi @3dpopmaquetes,

Can you please specify what device your customer would want to use SketchUp Viewer on?

SketchUp Viewer can be used with a Free account on Mobile, and Desktop. Note that the AR functionality is now included in the Free version for iOS devices.

A Pro or Studio subscription is required for use on VR and MR headsets.

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hi! My costumer will use a Android Smart phone to view the project in AR

The phone version of SketchUp Viewer is free:

SketchUp Viewer Downloads | SketchUp

SketchUp Viewer - Apps on Google Play