AR-Viewer mobile --> pro licence


Does anyone knows if the AR-Mobile viewer for mobile is in the licence for sketchup pro (for professionals).

i have the pro licence atm and trying to figure out if i can put my drawings in AR.

This is available if you have a subscription license. Your profile is confusing, it says you are on version 2018, but there were no subscription licenses, then.
You might have a ‘classic’ which has the option of yearly maintenance, but that is not the same as the new, since version 2019, Subscription.

Check here:

If you have what is now called a classic license, which would be the case if you’re using SketchUp 2018, you can get the AR features by paying either Google or Apple $10 a year, as an in-app purchase. Then you don’t have to have one of the subscription versions of SketchUp.