SketchUp Viewer AR locked even with Pro Licence

Hi All,

I downloaded SketchUp Viewer (Android) to have a play with the AR feature. I’ve logged in using my SU Pro credentials but it hasn’t enabled the AR feature… say i need a Pro SU licence or buy subscription through the App store.

I’ve double checked my SU Pro licence and it is valid until March 2020. Just in case it matters, i pay annually for “SketchUp Pro License with Maintenance & Support”?

Anyone know what i’m doing wrong?



Hi Mike,
Apologies for the trouble you’re having. My suspicion, based on the description you offered here, is that your SketchUp license is of the ‘classic’ variety, as compared to the ‘subscription’ variety.

To clarify, the AR features are unlocked when customers with a SketchUp Shop/Pro/Studio subscription sign into the app. The same is not true for customers with a classic license.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. Yes i do have the classic variety. I guess then i have no options here… other than to change to subscription or buy the feature as an in-app type purchase?

Also, if i do the in-app purchase, do you know what will happen with linking my SketchUp account (which is my work email address) with an app store purchase that will be my personal email address? Is this going to work??!!



Correct. Those are the available options.

if i do the in-app purchase, do you know what will happen with linking my SketchUp account

An in-app purchase will be associated with whichever Apple App Store or Google Play Store account you are signed into the respective app store with. There’s no way for us to know about, or link standalone in-app subscriptions that are made through app stores to any info we manage about your SketchUp product purchases.

The Shop/Pro/Studio bundle subscriptions are the best way to make sure that access to all of the products offered in each of the respective bundles are managed in a consolidated way.

Reading between the lines, I’ll offer that if you’re considering the possibility of in-app subscription now, and Pro Bundle subscription later–that’s a viable option too. In that scenario, however, you’ll want to make sure that when you transition to a Pro Bundle subscription, you then cancel the in-app subscription via the app store you purchased it from.

Hope that helps.