Anybody try out the AR features on the Mobile Viewer?

I know this specific AR feature has been in beta for some time now on the SketchUp Mobile App, but with the launch of 2019, this feature now becomes a premium service included in Shop, Pro, and Studio. I think it’s really cool, and quite useful for sharing a model and sparking conversation in person. The fact that it’s on your phone makes it really accessible too.

If you activate the 30 day trial to SketchUp Studio, your Trimble Account will unlock this feature on the SketchUp Viewer app on your phone. Get it for Android here or Get it for iPhone here.

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Ah thank you for the clarification Matt. Will be interesting to try it out!

This AR feature is actually included with Shop $119/yr, and Pro $299/yr. You don’t have to subscribe to Studio to get it.

Hi Matt, I’ve got a Pro subscription but the AR function is not enabled when I open the app - any ideas how to get it to work?

Looks Like I had to be running it out of 2019 to get the AR feature to work.

It works but the whole AR process is rather clunky ( not a reflection on SU implimentation) I cant see myself using it for any professional task…

I think you just need to be signed into the same account that you have your Pro subscription associated with. to get the AR feature to work

Once I ran it through 2019 it worked first try.