RfE: free License of SketchUp Mobile Viewer for commercial SketchUp Pro users

e.g. by providing a discount code for the app stores delivered via the license email or from inside an activated, commerical SUP license via the license menu.

I would fundamentally disagree with this.

The viewer apps should sink or swim on their own, without being supported by the modeler pro sales.

The cost of the initial viewer development has probably already been absorbed by some general operating account anyway, but going forward it is usually nice to at least have app sales pay for ongoing viewer maintenance.

I agree; SketchUp Mobile Viewer should be free for SUPro 2015 users - it’s an extension of the app for viewing and sharing models with others when lugging your iMac or laptop is an inconvenience. Besides, the desktop SketchUp Viewer is free. But based on the App Store reviews of the SU Mobile Viewer it doesn’t seem to be worth it, regardless.

good point with the desktop viewer being free too for everybody.

regarding the SU Pro price increase of U$ 120.- from July of this year, I still see the mobile viewer as an additional value for SUP licensees.

Sketchup Mobile viewer should be free. Just as the desktop viewer: they are the same product


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@SketchUp3D_de Haha! you beat me to it :wink:

you’re welcome :sunglasses: