Free mobile viewer to give to clients?

I am puzzled to see that the mobile viewers cost 10$, whereas the desktop viewer is free.

I think the main point of any viewer is to allow everybody (clients etc.) to view documents without needing the full software…
This is the case with eg. MS Office products, as well as Autodesk’s TrueView.

So, What’s Trimbles position on that?
Other users, do you use alternative viewers for that purpose?

I’ve seen the similar question about free licenses for SketchUp Pro users, but this is a different question.
Licensing via pro would only help the pro user directly, not his clients…
So, my question('s) rephrased:
“Trimble, What’s the intended use of the mobile viewer? Just for me to show my work to clients, and not for them being able to view models on their own? How do you justify that the mobile viewers are not free”?

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Thanks, i saw that one.

Seems my last reply smashes to some rule, so I decided to delete it…

I consider myself to be an advocate for most things related to SketchUp, but I don’t think it is wise to buy a mobile viewer to look at models, particularly when dimensions cannot be displayed and when other competing apps are available at no cost.

So, what do you use for that?

I use SU Pro. I recommend the SketchUp Viewer (free) for my clients’ use. I will typically transmit an email with a skp file attached or upload a file to 3D Warehouse and the SketchUp Viewer is perfect for this use.

This app can be used on laptops and desktop computers, but I don’t think it works effectively for Android or IOS smart phones.

The recommended viewer can be dl’d HERE.

As I said time ago: Sketchup mobile viewer should be free, with in-app purchases for pro features.

Or, eventually, this app should became Sketchup Sketch, with mobile viewer included, and some drawing features, priced $10; and then another free app could be released: sketchup mobile viewer.
But I’m a dreamer :slight_smile:

We’re all dreamers @marcodileo :slight_smile:

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Well, let’s make this big dream come true :smile: