Measurements in Viewer

The viewer is useful but I get many clients who would like to take a measurement whilst viewing.
Perhaps this could be added to the next version?
Anyone else out there that feels it would be useful?

This has been requested in the past so maybe it’s a feature that could show up in a future version. In the meantime, while you wait, you could upload your model to Trimble Connect and give them a link to it so they can view it in the Trimble Connect 3D Viewer It already has the ability to take measurements.

Thanks, will try that.


Interesting that the Tape Measure tool works in the SketchUp Viewer Android app on phone or tablet, and also in the Apple iPad, and I think in the iPhone app too. Have tested that the first three do.

Why not in the desktop Viewer too?

I expect the desktop viewer isn’t getting much love these days because of the Trimble Connect viewer. Actually it makes some sense to me to use the TC viewer instead. The client doesn’t need to download the .skp file to look at it in the TC viewer which means they don’t have it to pass on to someone else. They can look but that’s about it.

Sort of makes sense. I like to carry some models around with me to show people where there isn’t an internet connection. That works fine on a tablet, less well on a laptop without internet if you want to take measurements.

I’ve not really tried using the Trimble Connect or cloud storage for my models. I probably should explore that side of SketchUp more.

As usual, I learn something useful from you, Dave, almost every time you post (which is often!) Thanks, many times over.