[Feature request] Measuring

I like to have the ability to take measures of the model with the iPad viewer.


Thanks for the suggestion! This idea has been voiced by a few folks and has been logged. FWIW, I’d certainly like to see some kind of measurement tool as well.

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Its also been voiced by multiple people for 5+ years. All I need is the ability to measure. Why is there so much resistance to this?

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Dear SketchUp,

Please stop ignoring users requests for a measure tool in Viewer. Its been at least 5 years. That amount of time is ridiculous.

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All of the SketchUp Viewer apps (Mobile, VR & HoloLens) include the Tape Measure tool. We added measurement functionality for the Mobile apps (iOS & Android) in V2, back in 2015. Measurement functionality was included in V1 of our HoloLens and VR apps when those launched in 2016 and 2019, respectively.

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Yeah, vs other free viewers out there, Sketchup viewer for desktop does need that measurement feature… been asked many times by clients for this…

@MikeTadros 3 years later (2022), and there are still no measurement tools in the SketchUp Viewer for Windows Desktop (Ver 22.0.354)…

What’s the point of having measurement tools in the apps for iPad or Android tablet when you don’t support this simple functionality in a desktop environment where I have a readable size 4k display, a real pointing device, and 8Gb of dedicated video memory?

@Where2 Hi Mark. It is indeed 3 years later – and we still don’t have a great answer for you.

And I’ve just looked in both Mac and Windows viewers and there seems no way to control which tags are visible. Am I just not seeing it, or is it just not there?

Yes, tags seem not to be there. They are there in the iPhone or iPad viewer mode.

Just checked my iPhone SketchUp viewer app and Tags is available in the center of the bottom row of icons Loaded a file and was able to toggle Tags visibility on and off.

That is true. John was talking about viewing a link in a browser.

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… in a browser

Not in a browser, Colin, but in the Mac or Windows Viewer apps. Tags aren’t controllable in either.

Thanks for the correction. The viewer apps haven’t been updated much recently.