Please add more dimension tools

Hi There! As the people behind Sketchup stress that Sketchup is a 3d-app, and the way we (architects, designers etc) should communicate with the ones who’ll have to build our creations, is mainly in 3d…why the native dimensioning tools in Sketchup are so minimal? Please add more functionality to the dimension-tools so it becomes a proper tool for us to use. Add an angular dimension for instance…or more advance tools to adjust the styles of the dimensions. Just a suggestion!

Oh…and please ADD a measure tool in the Sketchup Viewer! Why? Why you won’t let people make measurements in your model?

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Fortunately - those are all there in Layout, which is the documentation tool for SketchUp models


I know, but why don’t add a decent dimension and call-out tool in SU? If you add a tool make it work.

For instance; Tomorrow I must discuss an interior project with a contractor. To make a Layout presentation it will cost me too much time and I want to ‘walk through’ the project together with him(cycle through the various scenes). Very intuitive. But when I, or he, want to measure anything, Sketchup turns out to become limited…especially in the viewer. Sketchup is, in so many ways, NEAR a perfect tool…

I agree with this request.

It would be really nice if the Dimension tools and styles in SketchUp were the same as in LayOut. Consistency is important.

Also, when SketchUp is exported to Layout, the dimensions should appear as LayOut dimensions (so, editable, can apply styles, etc).

I often find it easier to dimension in SketchUp (much easier and more reliable for 3d shapes) plus SketchUp has a lot of functionality through extensions to create large numbers of dimensions and text labels, automatically and dynamically.

We need both to work well, and work together.



I just used the measurement tool in SU Viewer for Android on a jobsite to layout dimensions with a contractor yesterday. The measurement tool also works in SU Viewer HoloLens 1. Maybe you are using a viewer on iPad and iPad does not have that feature?

The measure tool is missing in the Windows Sketchup Viewer app.

Ah. SketchUp for the Web runs on Windows and has the Measurement Tool.

If you run it from Explorer you can save SU Web as a standalone application and pin it to your start menu or taskbar.

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Thanks, that works. Thanks…But why they haven’t put this in the Windows Viewer remains a question.

It may be because the Windows SU Viewer versions are ‘desktop’ versions. The market share of portable windows tablets is much smaller than the android phone/tablet and iPad phone/tablet share of the market. So, the SU Viewer for Windows isn’t an ‘onsite’ version of SU Viewer. This is fine for the designer who sends a plan to a crew with portable devices (i.e., tablets and phones). In many instances, the person who would need measurement features on a Windows device would have, at least, access to more than the SU Viewer for Windows (a free version of SU installed or via the web). It seems you fall into this category.

I’m not sure: does the SU Viewer for Windows have the AR feature? If not, I’d guess that is also because too few portable Windows devices have the ‘right’ (tablet) form factor. Maybe the SU Windows Viewer is a bit of a dead end?

Or, maybe they forgot. :slight_smile:

Do you have a Surface or foldable laptop (e.g., Yoga)?

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I’ve Sketchup on a pc and have an Ipad Pro with the Sketchup Viewer installed. However, when I want to share my model with contractors (or local authorities etc.) it would be great if they have an viewer (mostly Windows) which can show the scenes I’ve made and to let them get several dimensions. That’s actually what it is mostly about; dimensions and where is it’s made of.
The Windows viewer doesn’t have an AR function.

Yes, it seems you slipped through that crack. I haven’t tried this yet but this feature may help you: New Labs feature: Link sharing in SketchUp for Web - SketchUp for Web - SketchUp Community

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I fully agree with this. Layout is not my favorite piece of software, and often an impractical set of extra steps. Good tools that live in SketchUp could allow for quick dimensioning, or a workflow where you do all of your communications in proper design tools like InDesign, and simply get the dimensioned drawings directly out of SketchUp.

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I can only agree with the request.
This shortens the communication of dimensions, especially in intermediate phases.
So again this ambition to work without SU layout?NO. At least at the beginning, the effort of a detailed design for complex projects is much too big and too expensive. Therefore, a remedy is needed here.

Nevertheless, you would have to be able to additionally prevent the SU dimension and also the annotation flags from enlarging depending on the zoom setting. I know, this is always such a thing with on the one hand & on the other hand.
Maybe SU or a “plugin maker” will come up with a crisp idea. At the moment I use “thomthom: 3D Text Editor v1.3.0” (great tool). But still with a lot of text particles it becomes really elaborate.