Dimensions and measurements for heavens sake!

Please guys! Without being able to read the dimensions there is really no need for many to have this app. There are guys in the workshop making the stuff that has been drawn and we use smart phones and pads too. And it is really stupid not to be able to use this app to read measurements.

Without that its just silly.

With measurements and dimensions it would be a tool for professionals.


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As a (hobby) woodworker I concur. I use Sketchup to design my furniture and was about to buy the mobile app and use it on my iPad in the workshop. When I read that the mobile app doesn’t show dimensions I didn’t buy it because it is useless for me in the workshop.

Add this option and you got another buyer for the mobile app :wink:

I just bought the mobile viewer for my iPad only to find no dimensions. Complete waste of 10€.

The big question is WHY? What on earth is the point of viewer without being able read measurements when needed.

I am disappointed … :o(

I got it and the first thing I wanted to do is look at dimensions in my shop, I mean that’s why I bought it. Big fail! I thought I was missing something so I came here to find out what and found this thread instead. Oh well! Back to paper. What a useless app. All you can do is show people how pretty your projects is. ???

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