Tape Measure Tool missing from SketchUp Viewer


I have just upgraded my computer to the latest and greatest and reinstalled SketchUp Viewer. I noted that the tape measure tool is missing from my version 15.3.331 64 bit. Was it part of this package or do I need to install another package to use this tool.


No never was.

None of the Trimble SketchUp viewers have dimensional interaction YET.
But it is the most requested feature.

Also notice there is no SelectTool nor EntityInfo dialog so you cannot really inspect model objects.

Since Dynamic Components in currently implemented in Ruby, and the viewers do not load Ruby, you cannot use the DC InteractTool to cause onClick behaviors.


Thanks. I installed version 8 again which has the measure tool :smile:


The v8 Viewer has the Measure tool ? (I do not remember that.)


This might help…


That is not the Desktop Viewer. That is SketchUp basic (free.)


Not that a different title matters. It does what I need, ie open and view sketch up models and MEASURE THEM. Simply, quickly and cheaply.


A different title matters in that you are talking about a different computer program. By referring to the SketchUp application as “the SketchUp Viewer” (a separate program) you create confusion. But if the SketchUp application does what you need, have at it!


This brings up a previous request that many of us wanted the Viewer applet to be retired, and for the Free/Make edition to have the new ability to run in “read-only viewer mode”. (Ie, the SKP file format gets a locked read only flag.)

This would enable the interaction with dynamic components with read-only files.

Dimensions and measurements for heavens sake!

Version 8? what OS. I don’t see it.


I am using Windows 7


If you do not see a tool button you need, then go to View > Toolbars… and either open a toolbar that has what you need, or edit an existing toolbar to add what buttons you need, or create a custom toolbar that has what you need.

The above statement is inaccurate (if applied to SketchUp Make or Pro.)

ADD: If speaking of any of the viewers (The Desktop Viewer, or the Mobile Viewers,) I refer the reader to the 2nd post in this topic.

So, regarding the full blown SketchUp modeling application editions:

SketchUp always comes “out-of-the-box” with only the “Getting Started” toolbar visible. This toolbar was overhauled for v2014 and since this version, there are now 3 flyout buttons on the toolbar, which consolidate drawing commands. This overhaul caused many of the tool buttons to change position, including the button for the TapeMeasureTool.

The TapeMeasureTool is also on the “Construction” toolbar (and always has been.)

It is possible to accidentally drag a button off a toolbar. If a user suspects this to be the case, they can reset toolbars with the “Reset” button on the Toolbars dialog. (Highlight the one to reset and click the button.)

See: SketchUp User Guide: Viewing and customizing toolbars

Toolbar issues notwithstanding, the TapeMeasureTool is always available on the Tools menu, and comes with a keyboard accelerator (shortcut) assigned to the T key.


Dan, help me out here. I can’t see any of the toolbars that you are referring to.


Sorry, we are confused here, because You originally indicated that you were actually talking about SketchUp Free/Make, by posting a screenshot of the (v8) SketchUp modeling application, and not the Desktop Viewer, so I moved this topic back into the normal SketchUp application.

So yes, my last post was about the normal SketchUp modeling application.

And you are back to talking about the Desktop Viewer (as you have posted a screenshot of the Viewer, and not SketchUp.) And what is apparently what the original statement (I quoted was about.)

So let me edit my last post to be clear I am not speaking of the Desktop Viewer, because

Are we all totally confused now ?

zencuke is coming late to the party, and has also been confused by your statement that v8 has the Measurement tool. They looked at the v8 Desktop Viewer and did not see it.
Their reply has a link to the post they are replying to, which if clicked shows your post.

When they asked what OS, they mean in the SketchUp sense, either Windows or Mac. (The only 2 OSes that SketchUp comes on.)

I wish ppl coming along later would please read the full thread before replying.


do you think it will be added “tape Measure Tool” in the next realize od SU Viewer, a lot of clients and collegues that are not sketchup users, but only sketchup “viewers” are asking for it. Maybe in the next realize of SU2017???


Absolutely YES ! … IF you use the Mobile Viewer… because it has already happened 17 days ago.

SketchUp Viewer v3.0 now shows dimensions, text callouts and a TapeMeasure tool:

SketchUp Blog: The Mobile Viewer I’ve Always Wanted – Introducing V3.0!

With regard to the Desktop Viewer, I have no idea. Nothing has been done to it for so long, I think it is almost a dead product.


Thanks Dan, I have already seen the mobile apps, unfortunately I have a lot of clients that use window 10 and the apps is only for android and apples, they are not SU users so they can not buy a licence only to view SU models…i hope that trimble will adapt the App for windows platforms too…thanks


With regard to the Desktop Viewer, I have no idea. Nothing has been done to it for so long, I think it is almost a dead product.

Yet it’s still the only free way to interact with models created the most recent SketchUp Pro on a PC. I can’t believe the mobile app has more features than a full PC program. That’s ridiculous. I could run an Android emulator on Windows to get more features than Viewer.


Not really. There’s SketchUp Web.


As far as I can tell, SketchUp Web (1) requires constant internet connection, and (2) cannot access local files. I’d love to be wrong, since both of these are deal breakers for traveling staff trying to show clients information from thumb drives out in the field. It’s even clunkier than it needs to be in a connected conference room… can’t just hook up my PC and run local software opening local files, gotta rely on network speeds.

It really looks to me like using phones/tablets is the direction we’ll have to take.