What is the best way to share a file with a contractor who needs to measure it?

Just wondering why after all this time there is still no measuring tape in the desktop viewer? I mean its available everywhere else no? What exactly does everyone do here just send clients to the free version?

Thanks for any feed back!

Without checking the version, I opened a model in SU Viewer on my Android phone. The app has the Tape tool and measurements I made previously are showing. Same for quick test on an Android tablet.

Moving on to an S Mode Windows tablet (no apps). That uses SketchUp for the web and has the Tape Tool. So, would that be a go to for non-SU users (as you suggest)? I mean, the Web Version might be better than having someone install the SU Viewer for Desktop anyway.

Or, the 3D moder viewer in Trimble Connect is free (I think - I’ve had it so long I can’t recall). Maybe links could be shared from TC? Using that you might be able to restrict access to user-only so the model can’t be modified (if that’s something you’d like to prevent).

I’m guessing the Desktop Viewer is lower priority because SU Web is available everywhere and Connect has sharing with permissions.

Web viewer is painfully slow on a larger model, I am going to suggest a trial of a pro version for a contractor who is currently accessing my model to estimate from.

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