SketchUp Viewer for Clients

Good Morning,

I was winding if someone could help me.

Can I share my SketchUp Models with a client so they can view the models with their own account? I don’t want to give them mine details, but am unsure if they need a license to be able to view them or if they can just download the app and view my models from there without a license.

Thanks in advance

If you don’t mind them having a copy of the model file, a simple solution is to download the free SketchUp Viewer desktop application from here:

Then they can open the file you send to them, and either move around the scene themselves, or use Scenes that you have set up for them to click through.

A more complex way to share models is by using Trimble Connect. With that they can view the models in a web browser. Watch Aaron’s introduction to Trimble Connect video to see how that would work: