Share a Model with a Client or Builder

In order to share a sketchup model with a client or builder, I used to make the model on SUpro, and save scenes that set a sequence of views and sections that I wanted them to be able to access. Then I’d have them download then then free SU desktop version and they could just hit page up or down on their keyboard to flick though scenes I’d saved.
I cant see how to do that now as there is no desktop free version for the client or Builder to download as a viewer. Any ideas how that might work with the new subscription pro and web based free arrangement? Thanks Paul

There is still a viewer option to download.

But there are better options, sharing the file with Trimble connect for one.


Thank you Box, that will get the job done. I had tried using a viewer a few years back, and noted that the difference in viewing with Viewer compared to the then free desktop version was that the desktop version would show shadows ( if shadows were on ) whilst animating between saved scenes and Viewer would turn off shadows in the animation between scenes and turn them on when it got to the next scene. Not a big problem. Thanks again for the heads up.