Guest viewers for models?

I have drawings I need to allow my customers to view. It would be nice if I could create components in the model that would allow them to move around the design space. Is there any kind of guest login which would allow customers to do that but not have access to account?

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You can send them your file, which they can alter in my.sketchup, or you can make a project in Trimble connect
You would be using Pro, whilst your customers would not.

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Models created with my.SketchUp are identical to models created with the SketchUp desktop application. Any SketchUp model viewer will work. You can also access your models from the Trimble Connect application. Have a look here (Trimble Connect), log in with the same credentials you use for my.SketchUp.


Sorry, should have been a little clearer… You can ‘Share model…’ from within the web interface for Trimble Connect. You can share a model either securely (only a logged in user can see it) or openly (anyone with the link can see the model). Click on the ‘Advanced’ settings for a few more options (allow viewing, but prevent download; expiring links, etc.)

Here’s an example link I generated as well as a screenshot that shows the sharing settings.

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