Read me program for SketchUp

I would like to be able to send files to clients that do not have Sketch Up. Where can I find a read me app/download that I could send to my client so they can open the file?

Thank you

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile. Presumably since you are doing work for clients you are using SketchUp Pro. You can publish your files to your Trimble Connect account and then send them a link to the model so they can view it. They won’t need to download anything.

Yes, SketchUp Pro

Which version (year) of SketchUp Pro? Please put that in your forum profile. That information helps us help you.


As DaveR mentioned, upload your model into Trimble Connect. Once uploaded, there are multiple paths to share your model.

  1. Trimble Connect has share capabilities, but the Trimble Connect viewer will not render the model like SketchUp.

  2. Once uploaded into Trimble Connect, go to SketchUp for Web and load the model from Trimble Connect. Once loaded into SketchUp, use SketchUp for Web’s "Link Sharing" feature. When your client uses this link, the model will load into a “view only” SketchUp viewer. All scenes will be preserved for the user to use.

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