Non-User Able to View Sketchup?

I am a user of SketchUp Pro. Is there a way that non SketchUp users can view my plans without editing it., and obviously without purchasing the full package, ie., AutoCAD can be viewed by True View .Many thanks

Upload it to Trimble Connect and send the client a link to view it in the online viewer.

Sorry don’t understand. There would be many non users, do you mean upload the drawings??

They could download the free Sketchup viewer, for Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. Or, as Dave answered while I was replying, view the drawings on line.

You would upload or Publish your SketchUp file to your Trimble Connect storage. Then send the link to those non-users who so they can examine the file in the viewer.

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Except for that to work the non-users would have to be given the .skp file which would mean they could edit it in the SketchUp web app or pass it on to somone else.

Just looked up Trimble Connect - I think that is what I’m looking for, however I would have thousands of viewers (company), and want to make sure that it is secure and and ‘they’ can’t play with it.

If they only have the link to see it in the online viewer they can’t play with it and make modifications.

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True - I should have thought of that. Would the same be true of a Trimble Connect link? I haven’t used it enough to know.

No. That’s the point. With the online viewer the user does not get the SketchUp file.

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Could you explain, does that mean they have to download Trimble Connect.

No. They just need to follow the link you provide.

I sent you a PM asking for your e-mail address. I’ll share one of my files with you.

I’m relatively new to using Trimble Connect myself, and haven’t used that feature. Does the viewer need to create a Trimble ID or some other login to view it, or can they just do so anonymously?

That depends on whether your are using trimble connect or trimble connect after dark.


And is that reversed if you are in Australia?

Check your PMs. I sent you a link to a file you should be able to see in the viewer. Ignore the mess.

go to and sign in.
If you haven’t a project, you could create one on the fly or use the project that’s called SketchUp when you had a trial.
Drag the SketchUp model in the explorer and click on the filename to open the 3D viewer so that you can see what the client sees in the browser ( another tab opens up)

For sharing, click on the checkbox in the front in the original tab:

A panel pops up on the right:

A window for data sharing pops up with options:

They are pretty self-explanetory, but if you want to share just an Url, you need to enter an valid email address,
I always use my own, so I get notified by email.

You can set the date it will expire (or you can revoke it in the project itself when it’s no longer needed) and get to choose if you only want to share this version or always the latest (When publishing in Trimble connect, all versions are kept available)

Anyway, here’s the link:

Trimble Connect uses it’s own fileformat, so it’s not even a .skp file, you can view it on any mobile device, too

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Mike, Many thanks, however having created a project I am unable to drag the sketchup model into the project, could this be because the server I am using is secure, therefore unable to send to another external server?

probably dragging an alias. Move the file to a ‘real’ location like downloads folder or Desktop.
Or open it in SketchUp and then publish the model [menu] > File > Trimble Connect > Publish Model

Went to Publish Model, but when uploading it says (Not Responding), then times out - forever!!