Help me understand how my clients can view my models

Am long time SU user - I design houses and used to be able to get my clients to simply download SU Viewer and open the files on a Mac or PC - now I see they cannot do that. Right now I have 4 different clients- none of which are able to figure out how to view the file. I was able to download the free version and open the file but have to open an account. When I do open the file all the scene tabs I created for them have dissappeared into a tinyicon in an obscure place on the screen. SU went from having a simple easy to use no brainer way for me to share my files with my clients to making it so cumbersome none of them have been able to figure out how to view them. At least SU should provide a step by step way to guide people through the process. Super disappointing.

Is there a way to upload the file myself and simple send them a link? - no accounts or passwords?

As I said in your other thread.
Either get them to download the 2019 Viewer or Save as back to 2018 and send them that file since you said they already had the 2018 viewer.

Sounds like you downloaded the SketchUp Viewer for Mobile instead of the SketchUp Viewer for Desktop.

The SketchUp Desktop Viewer v2019 does not have any account login feature.

(EDIT: As I mention below there is also the chance you wound up in the SketchUp for Web browser based free online modeler, if you went through the “Get It” button on the SketchUp Viewer product page.)

From SketchUp’s website and it’s topbar menu “Help With”, choosing “SketchUp Viewer” …
… lands you on a listing of ALL the SketchUp family of viewer product user manuals, which have extensive instructions.

HOWEVER … I see that there is a problem with the SketchUp Viewer product page’s “Get It” button that does not bring people to the Viewer download page. Instead it bring’s people to the SketchUp Plans and Pricing page, where they’ll likely wind up opening SketchUp for Web Free INSTEAD of any of the Viewer family of products.

@jody @barry @jbacus This is confusing for people especially newbs!

Right! All I can find is Sketchup for Web Free. I just spent time disseminating how to use it and prepared a detailed email to my clients.

I followed your link Dan to the viewer but all I get is led back to the 'Get It" page which only allows the web viewer

Is there a ‘classic viewer’ link you can post to a more traditional ‘viewer’? Something they can use that doesnt required internet connection or working through their portal? Old school download the program kind of thing?

The link in my post takes you to the classic desktop viewer download.

(Seconded) As long time users, most of us have long since bookmarked the download all page so we don’t need to go through the confusing marketing hype links.

Apologies, I missed that, was caught up in the endless ‘Get It’ loop. Will be bookmarking this as well…the fact that it is hidden tells me it may only be a matter or time before it is cut off - but will enjoy it for now. Thanks all for your help - was loosing my mind last night

Yea I see this as well.

Help With … > Viewer manual list > Desktop Viewer manual link > link to download > general Viewer product page > “Get It” button > SketchUp application plans and pricing

Sloppy work (whomever is responsible.)

It has always been this way. They want newbs to go through a marketing question page so as to serve up the closest type of installer file. But this was when there was still a separate Make and Pro desktop installer. Now there is not much use case for it. They just now want people to go through their new subscription plans and pricing which is preferred by corporate policy.

Just causes extra confusion IMO.

Yes it does - seems the way of the world, Thanks again

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Here is an older thread about embedding your models a few different ways beyond SketchUp viewer if that’s something you want to look into. May give you more control over the process without having anyone download an application:

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Wow. Thanks heaps for this link. I must say, from my preliminary browsing I had originally concluded the viewer was a paid product and was resigned to that. When you visit this link:

If you click ‘Get It’, it takes you to the Plans and Pricing.

The page itself alludes to a sketchup viewer for desktop but as far as I can see there doesn’t appear to be a link there to let you actually obtain it.

Out of curiosity have I just plain missed it or is this occluded somewhere by mistake or intention?

While I don’t “own” that page to fix it… I did pass it along. I agree, it should be a straight link rather than a sales opportunity. Thanks for the awareness.


The page is confusing with an incorrect link. Thanx @jody for passing it on internally.

Since there are multiple viewer products on the product page, each should have it’s own “Get It” link (to the proper working download or purchase page.)

Hi there.

You can try and use Xuver’s online viewer. It essentially allows you to convert and upload your SKP file to their online system and then invite multiple people inside with you to walk around your model from anywhere in the world. They have a voice-module so you can talk to your clients in real-time as well.