Exporting from Shop to a SU viewer

Just subscribed to the web based Shop and want to sent my model to someone who is using a SU viewer. What is the easiest way to do this?

What exact viewer is he using? On a tablet or phone?
Or one of the desktop viewers?
You can share the Project also, and invite him/she

Thanks Mike. I just sent them a link to Sketchup.com and had them download the viewer. Not sure what computer they will download it to.
How can I share the model as you suggested?

If they downloaded a viewer from that site, they would have used a Trimble ID (email address)
You can go to connect.trimble.com sign in with your own ID and check where tour model resides (there are ‘Projects’ in Trimble Connect and can contain and view more file formats then SketchUp models alone.
If you found the file, you can either email or, invite them trough the Team (on the left), ask which email they used.