New version for offline people (desktop) or a reader/viewer only version?

Hi !

My client use the newest version of SketchUp Pro for their design.

But on our side, we are not using SketchUp, we only need it to View/Read the file that the client made.

And i’m always out of the office (offline) for projects so I was using the desktop version.

But right now, I can’t open the file of the client on my desktop version (too old) and I’m also offline most of the time so I can’t look at the file.

Or is there an version Updated (newest one) for Viewers/Readers only ? Like a DWG TrueView for Autocad ?!

Please I need something ASAP !

Thank you in advance !

Perhaps your client can save a copy of the SU file back a version for you? For example, if the problem is that they are now using SU Pro 2018 and you have Make 2017, then they should save a copy back to version 17 to give to you.

Finally I found the SketchUp Viewer 2018 and it works !

But I remember that the client use Layers (open/close or visible/not visible), but I can’t find the place to open/close the Layers in the Viewer 2018 version.

Can I found the Layers in Viewer version ? Where can I found them ?

Thank you !

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