What version of sketchup do I need in order to download a 3d source file sent from designer?

Hello, I have version 2017 free sketchup, but my deisgner has sent me a 3d source file and I cannot open it with 2017. Which version do I need in order to view the file he sent? Will the personal use 2020 do it? or do I need to get the professional one?
Or is there another free version beyond 2017?
Thanks so much for any advice,

What is the file type?

Sorry I’m not very technical. Its a skp file

You need a desktop version of Sketchup this as new or newer than the year of the version it was saved as.
You should be able to open it with the Web version, but at 192mb it will probably struggle.

Ok thank. So i would need the pro version as that seems to be the only desktop version?

Your designer would be able to Save As back to 2017 so you can access it.
But don’t forget if this is in any way work related you should be using a pro version.

Thank you - I have asked him to save it as 2017. If he can’t i will need to purchase the pro version, which is a lot.

There is an Extension that can open newer versions.

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It’s not work related.

Thank you for this info - I will follow up

You can use the viewer, as well.