Do I need a Pro license to use sketchup viewer for the HoloLens

Is a pro license required to use the Sketchup Viewer for HoloLens? I’m on the free web version and would like to view a model in the hololens. Is this possible?

Technically no, but I think given such a high price point nobody expects it in a non-commercial environment.

Setting Up SketchUp Viewer for HoloLens | SketchUp Help

Ed2: Doesn’t specifically say it only works with Pro and not Make.

Hi Joelongstreet,

You do not need a SketchUp Pro license to use SketchUp Viewer for HoloLens, but there is an extension available called AR|VR Extension that you can use to easily publish models to the HoloLens app over WiFi - this is great for quick design iteration, learn more here. If you would like to try out SketchUp Pro there is a 30-day free trial available.

Other ways to get SketchUp files onto SketchUp Viewer for HoloLens are through Trimble Connect and 3D Warehouse, which don’t necessarily need SketchUp Pro.