SketchUp Viewer for Hololens 1

Is SketchUp Viewer still available for the original Hololens? The one in the Windows Store appears to be only for the Hololens 2 as it doesn’t even show up in the store on the Hololens itself. If I try and install it from the website on the Hololens, it just says my device isn’t compatible. I hope you haven’t discontinued support for it as this is one of the main things I was looking forward to trying on the Hololens.

Did you buy it?
V1 is only available for those who bought it.
The new is available for Subscribers.

Hololens 1 was more of a prototype for companies that wanted to invest in mixed reality.
The accompanying version Viewer software was € 1500, I believe.

It would still work, but you had to be there in the beginning.

Ah I guess that explains it. I couldn’t find much info on the first version other than the video demonstrations. That’s a shame. Really wanted to see some of my SketchUp models on the Hololens. I’ll have to figure out how to convert them to a different format I guess.

I suppose you still should be able to buy it. And although expensive, one license will work on 10 devices.

To add to this - I would recommend trying Trimble Connect viewer on Hololens. I’ve used both SketchUp and Trimble Connect viewers on several Hololens 1 and had more luck with TC viewer. And basic version is free.